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Did you know the last significant advancement in sunscreen technology in the US was nearly thirty years ago in 1996? The US has fallen behind while many countries, notably Korea and Japan, have delivered countless innovations to improve their sunscreens’ efficacy and range of protection. When you incorporate a Korean sunscreen into your skincare routine you’re giving your skin the best protection available against photodamage and skin cancer, the most prevalent cancer in the US.

In the US, sunscreens are rated using the Sun Protection Factor or SPF rating which measures how well a sunscreen protects you from sunburn-causing UVB rays. While SPF is crucial for shielding the skin from sunburn, it does not account for protection against UVA rays which can damage the skin’s DNA and cause premature aging and skin cancer. The Korean PA rating measures a product’s efficacy against these harmful UVA rays. The PA rating ranges from PA+ to PA++++, with higher ratings showing greater UVA protection. For comprehensive sun protection, choosing a sunscreen rated on both the PA and SPF system is best.

It’s not just about what sunscreen you use but also how you use it. Make sure you apply sunscreen generously and evenly to your face, ears, and necks at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. A good measure it to dispense your sunscreen along the length of your index finger or use about a quarter size amount for full coverage. Sunscreen’s protective aspects wear off throughout the day so you should reapply every two hours or more often if sweating or swimming. Not sure where to start? Check out these two Korean sunscreens.

Dermathod Derma Saver Sun Protection | $40

This hydrating, light-weight formula effortlessly absorbs into skin without leaving any white cast, and provides a semi-matte finish. 

SPF 50+ | PA+++

KrX Skin Filter Tinted Sunscreen | $40

A broad spectrum tinted SPF, that does not leave a white cast, dries matte, blurs the pores and just leaves skin feeling smooth and looking photo ready! Available in light/med tint and med/dark tint.

SPF 50+ | PA+++

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